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Situated in the heart of Delhi, Delhi Orthopaedic Clinic offers unparalled orthopaedic and joint services to the general population. Right from appointment till consultation and beyond DOC strives for personalized care with emphasis on accurate assessment and ethical advice.

The vision of DOC is to provide focused comprehensive and personalized care to the orthopaedic patient’s esp. knee and hip joint replacement.

The values which we work on emphasis “TOTALLY YOU”………. At DOC it’s a partnership between you and the healthcare team.  We are an “an extended family”…………..listening advising and caring at every step and beyond…………

Delhi Orthopaedic Clinic specializes in the diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitative needs of persons with musculoskeletal conditions esp. knee and hip arthritis. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and focused on high quality, cost effective care. Our staff is chosen for their experience and passion for outstanding patient care.


We offer an extensive range of services that include comprehensive primary care and other specialty services. Equipped with latest technology, our facilities seek to provide exceptional medical care.

Where appropriate we begin with a conservative course of non operative management to relieve Hip and Knee pain and inflammation.Non operative care may include

  • Lifestyle modification
  • Physical therapy
  • Anti inflammatory agents
  • Dietary supplementation and/or
  • Intraarticular injections.

Non operative care may enable patients to sustain functional mobility without surgery lasting weeks months or years depending upon the stage of arthritis and  symptomatology.When there is advanced progression of arthritis leading to crippling pain and restriction of daily activities with or without deformities our dedicated joint care  team  will work together to return you to your regular activities.

Operative care:

We specialize in:-

Computer-Navigated knee Replacement (TKR)

At DOC, we combine our extensive knee replacement experience with mechanical accuracy in computer navigated knee replacement. Computer navigation helps to guide the surgeon in cutting, creating and precisely aligning surfaces and implanting artificial components. This advanced technology eliminates “guesswork” during surgery, and produces less damage to the bones, with potentially better outcomes. Every step of the surgery is monitored on the computer on a real time basis and any human limitations and errors upto millimeters can be avoided-Precision Redefined.

Primary and complex Total Hip replacement (THR)

Revision Total Knee and Hip replacement

Partial (unicondylar) Knee replacement

Comprehensive geriatric care



A Conscientious, Reliable and Hardworking Medical Professional, Pays Attention to Details, Crusader of Clinical Governance, With Excellent Interpersonal and Time Management Skills

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