Rehab Services

Well planned and properly executed physical rehabilitation programme is one of the most important components of the overall treatment. The programmes are designed to suit different requirements of patients to attain maximum functional restoration and return them to a healthy active life-style.

At HealthCare at HOME, we have a team of trained and experienced physiotherapists who are best equipped to provide word-class treatment to deal with total knee replacement recovery with customized plans suited for your individual needs. From helping you regain mobility to suggesting exercises that would strengthen your muscles; our professional physiotherapist will help you with total knee replacement recovery in lesser time.

Generally, this rehabilitation starts within 1-10 days after leaving the hospital, depending on destination immediately after hospital discharge. The patient can opt for three options post TKR discharge depending upon the need and recovery in consultation with surgeon:

  1. Home based physiotherapy protocol

If patients are discharged to home, home health care usually provides a trained physiotherapist for rehabilitation services at home for first month initially (two to three visits per week) and extendable if need be.

  1. Outpatient physiotherapy protocol

Patient can also opt for outpatient physiotherapy protocol wherein he/she has to come to the physiotherapy department twice/thrice a week for physio sessions.

  1. Supervised online consult/Telephonic consult

Patient can opt to do the physio exercises on her own at home and get an online consult either telephonically or by video for monitoring of her progress by the physiotherapist.



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