Pre-operative Joint Class

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Pre-operative Joint Class

A special class is held weekly for patients scheduled for joint surgery. The joint coordinator will schedule this class for you 1-2 weeks prior to your surgery. You will only need to attend one class. During this informative class you will learn what to expect following surgery and your recovery process. Our goal is for each patient to achieve the very best outcome possible.

It is strongly suggested that you read pre op guide book thoroughly before attending the class and bring a family member or friend. Members of the team will be there to answer your questions. Tentatively, the joint classes will cover the following topics.

  • Preparing for surgery
  • What to expect while in the hospital
  • The recovery process
  • Realistic information regarding pain after surgery
  • Expected functional levels in the postsurgical phase
  • When to resume normal activities at home
  • Adaptive equipment and techniques for daily tasks, such as self-care and home management activities
  • Functional mobility
  • Home safety
  • Precautions
  • Caregiver training
  • Exercise before and after surgery
  • Complete Pre-operative Forms
  • Tour the Center for Joint Replacement(if possible)

Importance of Your Associate

In the process of a joint replacement, the involvement of a family friend or relative acting as your coach is very important. Your coach will be with you from the pre-op process through your stay in the hospital and to your discharge to home. They will give support during exercise classes, and keep you focused on healing. They will assure you continue exercising when you return home and see that home remains safe during your recovery.