DocExpert®/Second Opinion

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DocExpert®/Second Opinion

Why Second Opinion?

14 Million people are misdiagnosed every single year
250,000 people lose their lives every single year because of misdiagnosis
88% of cases that request a second opinion receive a new diagnosis or revised treatment plan
Every single person will almost certainly receive a misdiagnosis in their lifetime
The average person saves by avoiding unnecessary surgery by receiving a Second Opinion.

Why DocExpert®

  • We provide access to highly trained medical professionals with decades of experience supporting their decisions.
  • Our robust approach collects information for consideration by our specialists before suggesting a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • We provide an unbiased opinion based solely on the merit of your case, without any conflicts of interest.
  • Our faculty focuses on evidence-based treatment, grounded on a bedrock of peer-reviewed research to provide the most accurate diagnoses.
  • Our services can be accessed through a secure digital platform with full confidentiality of your records.

Whom this is for.

  • For anyone who has been advised a surgery or a medical procedure and understands the importance of a second opinion.
  • This service is not for emergency cases. In case of emergencies, please contact your nearest hospital.


To help you better, you will be required to submit a copy of all your reports

– When you submit your reports through our websites Second Opinion Form, your case will be reviewed by our medical experts and given a second opinion stating whether your current diagnosis and treatment plans are best suited for you or not within 24-48 Hrs. Incase our expert requires some additional information or reports you will be contacted to submit it for a final opinion.
– DOC will then evaluate and support you depending on the course of action you decide to take.

DISCLAIMER: The healthcare provider(s) at DOC will not assume any legal responsibility for the patient’s medical condition. This online service is devised to help the patients to understand the health concern/condition better, based on the information given. It is not meant to replace an in-person consultation.